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The little gnome who thought she was a dwarf

Ciara Mc Wildhammer



June 24th, 2007



This is a role play journal meaning I post as one of my characters here.  I post stories that involve my character or may take from actual game play.  If I post out of character you will likely see the comments bracketed.

Ciara is a warlock and obviously a gnome.  Though for the longest time she thought she was a dwarf.  Either way she is an earthen and was raised by earthen.  She is sweet, cute, a little chaotic, and tends to love her gnomish engineered devices and things that go boom.  She is a bit quirky as are her minions.(yes she role plays them as well and stories may involve them)

This is a friends only journal.  If you wish to be friended please leave a message here.  Thank you.
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